Our clients love us...

Chelsea at BJ Pool and Spa told my wife they would do their best to get a new hot tub installed for Thanksgiving, when family was visiting. As we got closer to the date, it looked more or less impossible. This was disappointing, of course, but that would be the end of the story. This is our first interaction with BJ Pool and Spa. Nothing particularly unusual. Well, what Chelsea managed to pull off was pretty spectacular, so I thought I’d share:
She communicated with us along the way, explained in different conversations why the installation would be delayed. She expressed regret and was apologetic. Then, she got creative and found a solution, on her own, which involved a number of people all pulling together – at various steps in the chain. We were really pleasantly surprised when she and a whole crew showed up early the Day after Thanksgiving, with our hot tub, ready to be installed. She was not looking for kudos — far from it. She was apologetic for being a little late! This is unusual. Service businesses that go out of their way to offer good service are unique!

Kit L.

I am more of a do it yourself type of guy when it comes to pool maintenance and repair but I do have a lot of questions. Chelsea is awesome with helping answer any of my questions, and she even tried to help me warranty a filter I bought at another place (which to me is above and beyond with customer service). I have started using them for all my chemicals and ordering replacement parts. Great people and a great place.

Robb B.

BJ Pool & Spa is the only place to get a new spa. They do delivery, setup and hook up the electric. The crew is amazing and deliver what is promised. It is a worry free process. Great team. Thank you – John

John H.

I had a potentially difficult hot tub repair job and the guys showed up on time, prepared, and with all the tools required. They shared knowledge the entire time providing advice on the critical parts to watch and all the ways to save money avoiding unnecessary costs. They communicated the repair plan and how things would proceed at every step of the way.

Their prices were more than fair and they didn’t charge me until I was completely satisfied and confident that the leaks had been resolved. To top it off, they even comp’d me some basic materials to save me money. I will use them again without hesitation and recommend them highly to anyone who needs their services. One of the best service experiences I’ve had from any contractor.

Brent P.

They are thoroughly competent and honest. They work on your behalf to ensure that you get your warranty coverage. I would not go with anyone else.

James P.

I came here a few years ago looking for a swim spa for my mother. They spent a lot of time answering my questions but didn’t quite have the features I was looking for that was in my budget. I went to several other places before scrapping the idea. Last year I made a BIG MISTAKE GOING TO PREMIUM SPAS in Fair Lakes. I did find the tub I wanted at a price we could afford but everything after that became a nightmare (review is posted). Chelsea, Morena, Bob & Beau have bent over backwards helping me get things right when they had no obligation to help me. They have been HONEST, helpful, friendly, pleasant, informative, professional, patient & understanding. I can’t thank them enough!!!!! I have since been getting products & services from them & will continue to do so. They show a lot of pride, integrity & respect in everything they do & I appreciate that. They have fixed my problems & have given me peace of mind. You can’t put a price on that. THANK YOU!!!!!

Carole D.

I have a saltwater pool, which my previous pool maintenance company decided to shortcut maintenance and simply chlorinate every service visit.   I hired BJ Pools and my pool was restored to its full potential in a matter of days.   They are serious about doing the job right!

Theana K.

I’ve had many pools and used many companies over 20 years. I found BJ Pool after my last guy retired. I’ve used BJ Pool for the last 5 years and they have always been responsive, helpful and never try to upsell like many others tend to do. They are friendly when you call the office, and they show up when they say they will. They pool always looks great after they open it and they have installed a new sand filter and pool heater for me over time. I have recommended them to clients who have pools and will continue to use BJ Pools in the future.

Jim F.

Bill and his assistant opened our pool on 29 May. We could not be more pleased with the extra care Bill takes to make sure the cover is clean, the filter is clean and properly installed, and the pool itself is as ready as he can make it. You need more employees like Bill.

Charles L.

What an amazing place! I had little hopes of being able to buy a new hot tub that I would enjoy, but they made it happen. I originally made what I thought was a good decision when I bought the best Jacuzzi brand spa I could buy about ten years ago, but it was a nightmare. I had the hardest time keeping the pH levels right, and was constantly making repairs. BJ sells Dimension 1, and there’s no comparison. I know of no better spa, and found the one I wanted, but figured it would be far more than I could afford. In fact, it is, but they made a deal that made my dream come true. In fact, it was such a good deal that I actually felt guilty when I left. Not only that, but a crew was sent out on the coldest day of the year to install it. Even though the old tub was frozen to the ground, and the crew had to work under impossible conditions, with wind chills below 0, they were laughing and smiling, and cut no corners. Truly professional in every way, as is the whole business. The reason why I checked them out first when others push their discounted prices so hard is because when I was struggling with the old spa years earlier (I finally gave up on the tub five years ago), they were always cheerful, friendly, and helpful, even though I spent most of my time there getting free water testing, sometimes more than once a day, getting free advice, and rarely ever buying anything. In other words, I was what most businesses would consider to be a royal pain, and a waste of time. But they never made me feel that way. When I was there this last time, thinking I would be wasting their time again while confirming I’d never be able to afford the spa of my dreams, several customers came in, most looking for free water tests, just as I had done years before, and each was treated as though they were good friends. In fact, I left feeling like I had just made a new friend as well.

This may well be the best business of any kind I’ve ever dealt with. I’m truly and totally stunned


Wish I had purchased my hot tub from them. Even though I did not they still have been enormously helpful (cannot say the same for the manufacturer), testing water samples without charge and answering questions. I go out of my way to buy my spa chemicals there.


We were extremely happy with our “new” pool after the B.J. Pool team finished with the rehab. When we purchased our new home, the old pool had been neglected for years and looked like a polluted black pond. We were amazed with transformation to an incredible clear blue salt-water pool. The B.J. Pool crew was the best and worked incredibly hard to complete the project on schedule for our summer use. We are now in our fourth year using B.J. Pool & Spa to seasonally open and close; and provide excellent weekly maintenance of our pool.

Van Winkle

My pool needed pretty much a rework of all the filtering and pump equipment due to age. Contacted several companies for quotes.  BJ’s was in the middle ground pricewise, but 2 of the companies were also sky high on their estimates. These guys removed all the old equipment, put in a new concrete pad, & installed all new equipment. They started on schedule and finished when they said they would. Bill from BJ’s did a great job and is very professional as is everyone else there at BJs. Bob (the owner of BJs) even found me a replacement for my outdated fiber optic light which had not worked in years and had been discontinued by the manufacturers for years as well. Talk about finding a needle in a haystack!

Thanks to all at BJs for the great job!

David F.

I received excellent customer service from this family owned and operated business. Their products are priced slightly on the high side, but the overall atmosphere of their retail showroom is professional and inviting. The company also services spas and pools, and I have both my pool and hot tub serviced by BJ pool and spa. I have never had any issues with their in-field servicing and have had excellent care thus far.
An excellent company! I would recommend them to anyone with home-pool or spa care needs.

Matt W.

BJ Pool and Spa just helped us with a repair on our spa that has been a long time coming.  We inherited the spa with the purchase of the house 18 months ago and it has been steadily leaking.  The warranty company (who has also been great) sent out a company and the experience was lackluster for many reasons.  After a few months of trying to get them to fix the spa, the warranty company told us to get a second opinion and let them know. Adam came out to assess the issue with the spa and was able to identify a few problems AND talk to the authorization people with our warranty company in under an hour.  He fixed one issue on the spot and ordered parts for the other fix.  A week later, we got a call from the office to reschedule Adam to come out as the parts were in.  He came, fixed the spa and patiently gave me a crash course in chemicals. We were advised to keep an eye out and see if any other leak issues arise now that the major leak is fixed, but I can’t tell you how great it was to work with a company who was quick to assess the problem, straight forward with pricing and the issues needing repair, willing to educate us on how to care for the spa, and who didn’t need to be tracked down about coming back for the repair itself.  Night and day between BJ and the original company we talked to!  We will definitely be calling them again with any issues and I’m sending a note to our warranty company to suggest they enlist BJ in their coverage!  Thanks, BJ Pool and Spa and Adam!  So appreciate it!

Melissa T.

I’ve had BJ’s servicing my pool and spa for 12 years. I have to tell you that the service has been excellent and quite dependable. What more can I say?

Tim C.

BJ Pool & Spa did an absolutely great job redoing my pool. It was originally built in 1984 with a concrete cantilevered deck. By the early 2000s, winter freezing of the soil beneath the deck forced out the tile and caused cracks in the concrete. In 2014, BJ’s rehabbed the pool, cut the concrete and put in brick coping, and redid the gunnite. Almost 10 years later, it still looks like new. What a great company! 

Donna F.